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Nature - Occupational Therapy

Nature provides health benefits that are truly impossible to replicate in an indoor environment!

There are endless sensory, motor and regulatory experiences to discover outdoors.

🌱 We can explore what it feels like to roll around in the grass or work out how to use our muscles to get over a big rock or log. 🌱 Breathing in the fresh air or listening to the waves crash can be very calming for many people. 🌱 Nature is also the perfect place to engage meaningfully with children as it removes many distractions we have indoors such as TV and iPads. It allows us to share the experience of discovery and mindfulness that comes with being in the natural environment.

The photo below is a lovely example of how playing outdoors can help us improve our skills while interacting with the natural environment. This boy is using his gross motor skills to jump, his motor planning skills to jump into the into the puddle successfully, and experiencing what is feels like to be splashed by the water.

If you are looking for occupational therapy assessment or intervention, contact us to arrange an appointment at our new centre in Oak Rd, Kirrawee. Email

- Rachel

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