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Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists are professionals that assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of communication difficulties with individuals across the lifespan.

Speech Pathology at Kids Inspired is tailored for children and adolescents between the ages of 3 and 18 years of age. We see children for a large variety of reasons including speech/articulation, language difficulties and social communication skills.

Assessment and Therapy Services 


Initial & Review Assessment

Your child’s first speech pathology appointment(s) involves a detailed case history and assessment of your child’s communication skills. We utilise standardised assessments and clinical observations to aid our understanding of your child’s skills and strengths. A consultation with other professionals that are involved with your child including preschool/school teachers, Paediatricians, medical specialists, occupational therapists, audiologists, psychologists, or other support services may be required.


Following on from the assessment results, an intervention plan will be recommended to you. You can be provided with a full detailed report of the assessment findings (*additional costs will be incurred).


Intervention / Therapy

Based on the assessment results, the Speech Pathologist may recommend commencing therapy sessions targeting an area(s) of concern. Recommendations and goals will vary according to your child’s needs and take into consideration the needs of the child and family.

Therapy sessions are individually planned and tailored to help your child achieve their communication and learning goals. Therapy sessions are engaging and fun to allow your child to reach their full potential. Parents are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions and to evaluate progress.


Practising techniques at home are crucial and materials and activities are often provided at each session. We also encourage collaboration with schools, preschools and other professionals, so your child can achieve and generalise their goals in a range of environments and maintain progress. 


School / Pre-school Visits


At Kids Inspired we may offer and provide preschool / school-based speech assessment and therapy sessions/visits. This allows the clinician to liaise with teaching staff, target speech and language goals that are relevant to the curriculum and allows for stronger generalisation of communication skills to be achieved in and outside the classroom environment. These services can be requested in conjunction with your child’s assessment or therapy program or through contacting Kids Inspired directly to organise a visit if applicable. *School visits not available this year


These charges are in line with NDIS hourly rates for service provision by an Allied Health Professional as of July 2023 which are $214.41 for Psychology service and $193.99 for other Allied Health therapies.


*Current as of

4 March 2024

These charges are in line with NDIS hourly rates for service provision by an Allied Health Professional as of July 2023 which are $214.41 for Psychology services and $193.99 for other Allied Health therapies.



per hour session

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