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Attention! - Occupational Therapy

When completing tasks at home and in school some children may lose track of what they are doing, make frequent mistakes, or simply abandon the task all together. When a child is struggles to complete tasks, there are many reasons that paying attention may be difficult.

Attention is a foundational skill needed to build more complex skills and complete tasks.

Many of the skills that children need inside and outside of school require attention and focus. They need to be able to concentrate when completing maths problems, reading and copying from the board. They also need to be able to concentrate and maintain attention to playing with other children, and even when having a simple conversation.

OT’s can address areas like impulse control, problem solving, and self-regulation to address the attention skills needed for school and daily activities. We also focus on areas such as the development of motor skills, sensory processing, postural control when children have trouble sitting and attending to tasks.

The photo below shows the different types of attention and how we use them.

If you are looking for occupational therapy assessment or intervention, contact us to arrange an appointment at our new centre in Oak Rd, Kirrawee. Email

- Rachel

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