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Handbook of self-care tips - Psychology

This has been a strange and unprecedented time for us all, and it is perfectly natural that both parents and children are feeling the effects of social isolation right now. For this reason, below is a little handbook of self-care tips for surviving social isolation during Covid-19

• Sleep: It can be easy to fall out of a routine for sleep when you are not on a work or school schedule, but try to keep a relatively regular sleeping and waking time and make sure you are not getting too much or too little sleep

• Schedule: If you are missing the daily routines of which you were once familiar, try to set up your own routine of activities in your time at home

• Socialise: This will be limited right now, but thankfully, there are many electronic ways to connect – phone, zoom, discord. Isn’t technology fantastic? Or you can just schedule a family movie or gaming night

• Exercise: Go for a walk, or a bike ride, watch cosmic kids on YouTube, there are many fun ways of staying active

• Hobbies: Find a way to create or to build a skill. You might want to take up some arts and crafts activities or learn how to do magic

• Distract: Distract yourself with a fun activity or relaxation exercise, maybe find a mindful meditation

• Sensations: Find something that feels, smells, tastes, sounds or looks nice and just enjoy it. Warm baths, squishy toys and soft blankets are all good options

• Talk: Tell other people how you are feeling. Maybe they can help, or just be there to listen

• Compassion: Be kind to yourself, it’s okay if you don’t feel okay right now. The feeling will pass.

If your child could use someone to talk to during this difficult time, we currently have availability for psychology services via telehealth or face-to-face. Please contact us on (02) 8544 1483 or email at

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