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Postcard Art Therapy

Postcard Art Therapy

One of our latest art therapy directives has been generating some great results at Kids Inspired, and that’s creating an emotive postcard. These postcards are designed as a private space to communicate some feelings to someone that will never receive it.

At the beginning of the activity, we ask participants to reflect on a person or experience that they have felt frustrated, sad or happy about. The child is encouraged to design a postcard, modelling it off a blank template and design the postcard according to their visual interests and inspiration.

Lately we have had a lot of children interested in creating postcards to the friends they have missed during COVID-19 lockdown. Whilst this exercise is modelled over the idea of a postcard they will never send, we have heard from parents dropping off the postcards to the child’s friends and using it as a visual communication between the children!

This activity can also be adapted for adolescents, but instead of sending the postcard to a friend, we ask them to send a postcard from their future selves! Whether it’s five, ten or fifty years from now, the exercise encourages them to reflect on who they’d like to be in the future. We can then discuss how the adolescent would like to get there and set some goals to achieve this. This activity aims to promote hope and aspirations for the future for our teens.


If you think your child could benefit from art therapy, send your enquiry to

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