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Interoception - Occupational Therapy

One of the senses that not many people are aware of!

Interoception – one of the senses that provides our brain with feedback about how we’re feeling on the inside. Receptors for this sense are found in our organs to tell us when we feel hungry, too nervous or too hot.

If your child has trouble with processing the information given by this sense, he/she would have difficulty knowing when they are full, learning toilet training. Overall, it is likely that they have trouble with regulating themselves (e.g. knowing to take off their jacket when it gets too hot).

OTs work around this in therapy by making the child aware of all their other body systems – which would then trigger their awareness of what’s happening inside their body. This could be through therapeutic touch (proprioceptive system), swinging on the swing (vestibular system), messy play (tactile), etc.

If you are looking for occupational therapy assessment or intervention, contact us to arrange an appointment at our new centre in Oak Rd, Kirrawee. Email

- Christine

Source: Tots on Target

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