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Found objects in Art Therapy

Found objects in art therapy

One of the directives we have been exploring at Kids Inspired is asking the kids to bring a memento or object that is important to them to their art therapy sessions. ‘Found objects’ can be any everyday objects that we either find around the house or out in the world. We’ve had so many different items coming through our doors like rocks they found on family holidays, an artwork they’ve made in school or even a scrap piece of fabric from an old toy!

These objects are very valuable in art therapy because they allow the child to attach their own unique meaning to these special items that could hold a completely different meaning to others or their families. We encourage the child to reflect on how they came about this object and why is it so significant to them. A lot of different and beautiful stories behind these objects have come to light in these sessions and we love to see them projected into art-making. By reflecting on and transferring these memories into an artwork, it can highlight and transform these ‘found objects’ into extraordinary therapeutic work for the child.


If your child or young person would benefit from engaging in Art Therapy, contact us to arrange a session with our Registered Art Therapist, Alex.

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