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Family Dynamic - Art Therapy

Modelling after my family

One of the newer exercises we have brought into our art therapy sessions at Kids Inspired is forming our family dynamic out of clay! The child is encouraged to create models of their immediate family members (and extended if desired!) and paint them in the second session. The clay evokes a calming and soothing feeling, providing just enough tension to get the fingers working, but not too much that the task feels daunting. We encourage the child to consider their role in the family and how they want to visually represent themselves, surrounded by the people who love them.

This exercise prompts the child to reflect on how they perceive their family members and the relationships and connections they feel in their family dynamic. It is important to emphasise to the child that there is no wrong way or odd way to make their family, it is purely up to their own personal creativity and process. So it’s certainly not unusual to get a GIANT dog, a tiny mum and a purple-skinned dad!


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