Handwriting Challenges? How do we spot these? - Occupational Therapy

May 8, 2020

Handwriting challenges? How do we spot these? 


There are many underlying components that affect handwriting. Some include: 


- Having the core strength to sit upright at a desk 
·Visual – motor skills:  
- transferring ideas from your head onto paper  
- copying from the board 
·Fine motor skills  
- Hand (fingers and wrist) and arm strength 
- Dexterity (in-hand manipulation)  
- Being able to grasp and move the pencil efficiently  
·Sensory feedback 
- Touch and proprioception feedback (are they holding the pencil too tightly? Are they pressing down too hard/too lightly on the page?)  
·Hand - eye coordination 
- Line awareness (are they writing on the line?)  
·Spatial awareness  
- Do they have appropriate spacing between words and letters? 
- Sizing (how big/small their letters are and does it remain even throughout?) 
·Direction and reversals  
- Letter formation (q/p, b/d)  
- Are they writing left to right? 


To improve handwriting, we have to first establish what underlying skills need improvement through assessment and then work on them in a variety of fun ways. 


Image: biglifejournal.com


If you are looking for occupational therapy assessment or intervention, contact us to arrange an appointment at our new centre in Oak Rd, Kirrawee. Email info@kidsinspired.com.au

- Christine




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