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Visual Tracking - Occupational Therapy

There is a pesky fly buzzing around your house! When you follow its path with your eyes so that you can catch it you are using visual tracking!

Visual tracking is simply focusing on an object as it moves across a person’s visual field. This skill is important for almost all daily activities, including reading, writing, cutting with scissors, drawing, and playing.

Typically, the ability to visually track objects emerges in children around the age of five. You might see problems with these tasks if a child has difficulty with visual tracking:

✨Errors when copying from a chalkboard or book ✨Difficulty interpreting or following written directions. ✨Losing place when reading or needing to use finger to keep place when reading. ✨Omits, substitutes, repeats, or confuses similar words when reading. ✨Difficulty comprehending or remembering what is read. ✨Writing on a slant, up or down hill, spacing letters and words irregularly. ✨Confusion with left/right directions. ✨Persistent reversals of letters (b, d, p, q) when naming letters. ✨Misalignment of horizontal and vertical series’ of numbers in math problems.

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