Our Philosophy

At Kids Inspired we are passionate about providing children and young people with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to face difficult situations throughout life, managing their emotions in healthy and helpful ways, and drawing on interpersonal effectiveness skills to engage positively with those around them. 

The concept of Kids Inspired is built on providing skills development through fun and engaging individual and group therapy programs. Imparting knowledge and tools to children and young people, whilst in a supportive and creative environment.


We recognise each child's strengths and  abilities, and celebrate their neurodiversity. Whilst our services are aimed at skilling up young people, we are committed to working closely with parents and carers, highlighting the importance of a team based approach.

The KI Allied Health team operates within the Kids Inspired centre, based in Kirrawee, Sydney. Head to the programs tab where you will find the link to the Kids Inspired Creative Learning Services website.

In 2020 we are excited to have grown our therapy team to include Psychological, Speech, Occupational and Art Therapy services.

Alongside our individual therapy services, we offer a range of therapeutic group programs, where children and young people are able to create and nurture friendships, alongside practising their developing social-emotional skills.

We also love to share super interesting information that is related to enriching our children's lives; learning about what makes them tick and why they may behave or react the way they do sometimes; as well as information that can help us to support them through their development. Check out our Kids Inspired Allied Health Facebook Page for interesting facts, links to other websites or updates on our programs and services. 

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