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Holiday Groups

We aim to create fun and engaging group therapy programs that kids love to attend in the school holidays, as they don't feel like they are attending a regular school or therapy program!

Holiday Groups

Each school holidays our team work together to develop different social group therapy programs, offering a variety of themes to tap into the common areas of interest of our kids, such as superheroes, sensory play, sports and gross-motor activities, visual arts and crafts, drama and other common areas of special interest for different age groups. Each of our programs is designed by our allied health therapists, and facilitated by our allied health therapists. 

There is a maximum of 6 students in each group therapy program. 

To submit your expression of interest for your child to attend a group program, complete the form at the bottom of the page with your program of preference. You will receive an email with a Service Agreement confirming your child's place in the group program. 

See below for the upcoming School Holiday Group Programs (released 4-6 weeks before the school holiday period).   

April School Holiday Programs 

Watercolour Wonderland! 

Explore, create and express yourself through watercolour painting. Engaging your mindfulness skills, developing visual imagery and bringing your ideas to life through art! 

  • Senior Group (Yrs 3-6) Monday 15th April 9am-12pm $250  - 2 SPOTS LEFT

  • Junior Group (Kindergarten - Yr2) Tuesday 23rd April 9am-11am $200 - 3 SPOTS

Escape Room Challenges! 

Get your thinking caps on and work as a team to solve puzzles and navigate fun obstacle courses!

  • Junior Group (Kindergarten - Yr2)Thursday 18th April 9am-11am $200 - FULLY BOOKED!

NEW! Sew Your Own Rainbow Blanket! 

We are excited to offer our first full-day group program facilitated by our allied health team along with one of our Creative Learning Teachers - Kids will be supported to learn how to pin fabrics and machine sew their own patchwork blanket! 

  • Senior Group (Yrs 3-6) Wednesday 24th April 9:30am-3:00pm $500  - 3 SPOTS

If there is a group program that you are interested in, but your child does not meet the age/year group requirement, please let us know, as we at times increase the age range, or can create an additional group when additional interest from same-age peers has been determined. 

To book a spot for your child in one of the upcoming group programs, please complete the form below. 

Which type of group program are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting!
We will be in touch to confirm your child's placement

and to send through a service agreement.

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