Tahlee Punnett
Art Psychotherapy Assistant


Tahlee has just stepped into the role as an Art Psychotherapy Assistant at Kids Inspired, and is completing her final practical placement hours as part of her Bachelor of Art Psychotherapy degree with Ikon Institute. Tahlee has four years experience working with children in before and after school care settings which has developed her passion for supporting children and adolescents. 


Tahlee is passionate about developing her art psychotherapy skills through working with children and young people to develop their emotional, social, physical and psychological wellbeing. She believes that art and creativity are powerful methods to create space for therapeutic change. Tahlee takes a client centred approach keeping in mind the needs of the young person and their family so that effective growth can take place. 


Tahlee likes to be creative with watercolours, collage and cooking! Tahlee enjoys taking her dog for walks along the beach and spending time in the garden to recharge.​

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