Superhero Squad



We are taking Expressions of Interest for the 8-week program of Superhero Squad for Term , running on Thursdays from 4:30-6pm.


We aim to create a group for children of similar age and developmental level, so we are currently open to expressions of interest for primary age children, and depending on interest, a group will be developed with kids of of same age/developmental level (ie, years 3-4 or years 5-6).

Price of $495 includes all workbooks and materials. 

Interested? Send us an expression of interest in the form below!

Kids Inspired is offering a Speech Pathology group program that aims to teach children social communication skills that are important for developing and maintaining positive relationships with others. The Superhero Squad program is targeted at primary school aged children in years 3 – 6, and provides lessons that build upon each other in order to provide a foundation for social language.


The skills targeted in this group are:

·        Initiating a conversation/asking questions

·        Looking towards your communication partner

·        Conversational skills

·        Turn Taking and Cooperation

·        Topic Maintenance

·        Listening skills

·        Non-verbal communication (body language/facial expressions)

·        Critical thinking skills

·        Problem solving


This full-day school holiday workshop aims to introduce children to social language development through participation in fun and engaging activities.  The workshop includes interactive activities such as videos to watch for group discussion, role-playing scenarios, interactive games, and craft activities which help promote learning and keep the lessons fun. The term program offers a more comprehensive structure across 8 weeks.