June 17, 2020

“Craftfulness” - crafty healing

“Craftfulness” is a term created by Rosemary Davidson and Arzu Tahsin (2018) that pairs mindfulness alongside craft-making to ‘achieve moments of calm’ and ‘mend yourself by making things’. Davidson and Tahsin in their book explore mindfu...

June 17, 2020

One of the senses that not many people are aware of! 

Interoception – one of the senses that provides our brain with feedback about how we’re feeling on the inside. Receptors for this sense are found in our organs to tell us when we feel hungry, too nervous or too hot. 


June 17, 2020

Fun Exercises to do at home! 

Bring the zoo into the home 😀 Give these animal walks a try with your little one. It helps with developing gross motor skills, core strength and it’s loads of fun! 

As OTs we use these animal walks in session to help the child dev...

June 17, 2020

Found objects in art therapy

One of the directives we have been exploring at Kids Inspired is asking the kids to bring a memento or object that is important to them to their art therapy sessions. ‘Found objects’ can be any everyday objects that we either find around the...

June 17, 2020

Postcard Art Therapy

One of our latest art therapy directives has been generating some great results at Kids Inspired, and that’s creating an emotive postcard. These postcards are designed as a private space to communicate some feelings to someone that will never receiv...

June 17, 2020

There is a pesky fly buzzing around your house! When you follow its path with your eyes so that you can catch it you are using visual tracking! 

Visual tracking is simply focusing on an object as it moves across a person’s visual field. This skill is important for almos...

June 17, 2020

Parents have been, and always will be, the MOST important member of our team. 

No one knows their child better than a parent does. Parents often play a critical role in both giving us insight into their child and also their role in carryover and generalisation in regard...

May 25, 2020

Does my kid’s pencil grasp need fixing? How am I supposed to know? 

Like any other milestones (rolling over -> crawling -> first steps -> walking -> running), pencil grasp has its own progression.  

1. Fist grasp 

2. Digital Pronate grasp 

3. Tripod g...

May 25, 2020

Collaborative Art-Making

Lately we’ve started to explore collaborative art-making during our art therapy sessions with some of the kids that struggle to engage with art-making on their own.

Collaborative art therapy sessions offer individuals and groups opportunities...

May 25, 2020

Art Therapy online - how does it work?

Often we get enquiries from our parents asking how can you do art therapy through a computer screen? The structure and delivery of the session is not that different from an in-person art therapy session. It just requires a little b...

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April 15, 2020

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