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Kids Wellbeing

Having worked for many years with adolescents in juvenile justice, inpatient and community mental health settings, KI Principal Psychologist Deni Fowle is passionate about educating the community about the developmental and mental health issues that affect children. 


By providing early intervention services, we enable kids and their families to develop skills to manage and overcome challenging emotions and difficult behaviours, to recognise warning signs and triggers, boost resilience and empower self efficacy. 

When we equip ourselves with knowledge and understanding of children's stages of development, how the brain works, and recognising that our brains can be wired differently, we are in a better position to work effectively with children's needs, implementing behaviour modification where applicable, developing skills in the kids themselves, along with altering our own expectations and behaviour where need be. 

Stay tuned as we will be adding information on the following areas:

If you have any questions, complete our contact form and we would be happy to provide information or feedback. 

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