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Deni Fowle

Director and Principal Psychologist

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Deni has over 20 years experience in child, adolescent and youth mental health, providing psychological services to young people and their families. Deni has worked in the fields of Child, Adolescent and Youth Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Autism Spectrum and Disability services since completing post-graduate studies in 1999, and first opened her private practice in January 2011.

As a mother of two, her youngest being diagnosed with a rare genetic condition at 3 months of age, Deni is also sensitive to the needs and experiences of kids today, and developing a positive working relationship with the families that support them. Deni has clinical experience with children and young people presenting  with all a variety of mental health and developmental needs. Since 2016, Deni has developed a special interest in Autism Spectrum, passionate about celebrating Neurodiversity and increasing awareness and understanding of the varying aspects and presentations of the spectrum; including how girls may present differently and go undiagnosed/misdiagnosed, and the increasingly recognised "pathological demand avoidance" or "pervasive drive for autonomy" (PDA) profile. 

Alongside her psychological services, Deni has been a small businesses owner/operator since 2006, and is Director of Kids Inspired - overseeing both the allied health and creative learning services. Deni attributes the growth and success of her businesses, alongside the journey of Motherhood, to utilising her “Psychological Toolkit” on a daily basis.

Please Note - Deni is no longer taking on clients for individual therapy services. Deni is committed to supporting the professional development of the members of her psychotherapy team, and provides direct supervision with regards to neurodiversity affirming assessment and intervention planning, and consults with team members around the ongoing progress of all clients. 

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