Tuning into Kids

Tuning into Kids is an evidence based program developed by Dr. Sophie Havighurst and Ann Harley in Melbourne, Australia with research trials conducted through The University of Melbourne. 

The program provides a new way of working with families that focuses on the emotional connection between parents and children.  The program teaches parents skills in emotion coaching, which is to recognise, understand and manage their own and their children’s emotions.  


Tuning in to Kids teaches parents to use children’s emotional experiences as an opportunity for closeness and teaching, as well as to understand and use emotions effectively to self soothe and to use these skills to assist in problem solving and limit setting.  Multiple randomised controlled trials of the program have shown that Tuning in to Kids leads to very positive outcomes including improving parenting, parent-child relationships and children’s emotional competence and behavior.  The program has been particularly effective with children with clinical level emotional and behavioral difficulties.

This program is designed for primary school children, but if you are wanting a program as parents/carers of children aged 0-8 years,  the Circle of Security program will be run on Tuesday evenings.  Visit our Circle of Security information page here


Term One 2018



Vee Jin Dumlao and Deni Fowle


6 sessions on Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm-8:30pm

27 February – 3 April 2018


This program is funded under Psychological Support Services (PSS)

via the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network (CESPHN),

Australian Government.