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Art Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have some skill in art to attend an art therapy session?


No previous artistic skills or experience is required to attend an art therapy session.  Art therapy is more focused on the therapeutic benefits an individual gets from the art-making process, rather than what the finished artwork looks like.



Do we have to provide art materials?


No, we offer a diverse range of good quality art materials for the session.  However if there is a specific art material you would like to use in a session, we encourage you to bring it in.



What is the cost and how long are these sessions?


Each art therapy session costs $180 for a one hour session.  This session includes 45 minutes of direct face-to-face client contact and 15 minutes of preparation, case notes and correspondence.



Can I use Medicare or NDIS funding?


Unfortunately art therapy is not covered by the Medicare rebate, however it can be covered by NDIS funding.



What is the difference between Art Therapy and Art Classes?


One-on-one and group art therapy sessions are facilitated by a registered Art Therapist that is trained in psychotherapy principles and uses art as an avenue to explore inner emotions and concerns.  Art class is a structured learning experience where the emphasis is on learning artistic techniques, there is no counselling/therapy involved.



Art Therapy vs. Talk Therapy?


Everyone is unique and sometimes we find it challenging to put words to feelings and art therapy provides an alternative way to express these emotions.  Instead of words, clients can use visuals to convey their message and allow the artwork to be their voice.



What is the focus in these sessions?


After an initial assessment of the client, we tailor future sessions to the specific goals of the client and parental concerns, in particular using the art-making to encourage more self-awareness, emotional regulation and overall healthier mental well-being.



Do you offer telehealth art therapy sessions?


Yes we do, but we will require you to have your own art materials on hand for the session.


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