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Art Therapy

Our Art Psychotherapist is currently available for appointments Monday to Friday.

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Art Psychotherapists are professionals who are trained to integrate psychotherapeutic principles into creative processes. 
Art Psychotherapy at Kids Inspired uses a child-lead approach to provide clients with the opportunity to explore and express through art making within a safe and contained environment. Through psychotherapeutic approaches and art making, the art psychotherapist can assist the client to express, play and regulate. Using both verbal and non-verbal means of communication, the client can explore their inner world and emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and promote positive mental health in their lives.​ We tailor each session to the individual client’s needs, therapy goals and capabilities. Our approach is trauma-informed, client-centered, caring and compassionate. 


No previous artistic skills or experience is required; art psychotherapy is available to everyone.


Sessions are conducted by our Art Psychotherapist Tahlee who is registered with the professional body  PACFA (


Starting Art Psychotherapy


Once a client is ready to engage in Art Psychotherapy sessions, a parent initial and child initial are booked. These are to:


Parent/carer initial - without child/teen present

  • Gather background information on child and family history

  • Discuss areas of concern from parent’s perspective

  • Discussion about art therapy and what will occur in future sessions

  • Answer questions regarding art therapy and its benefits

Child initial

  • Get to know the client and familiarising them with art materials and space

  • Discussion of what art therapy is and the difference between art classes and art therapy

  • Learn what art materials the child/teenager likes and dislikes

  • Establishing boundaries and child’s expectations for the session


What to expect in a session: 

Sessions run for 45 minutes (NDIS) or 50 minutes (self-referred), and will generally follow the structure of 5-10mins of talking and setting up, 25 minutes for art making and reflection and 10 mins for pack-up. The therapist may employ a non-directive approach, which allows the client to make art based on what organically comes up in conversation, or based on an idea the client comes in with. Or, the therapist may use an art directive - a pre-planned art-based activity targeting a particular skill or topic, for example, exploring anxiety and creating a body map. Parent/carers are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions if the child is 5 or younger.  All art materials are provided by the Art Psychotherapist, the client does not need to bring anything to the session.

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